What we did

Direction / Shoot Production / Filming / Photography / Green Screen / Stop-Motion Animation / Post Production


A healthcare client came to us with a vision of a lush countryside landscape all made from the natural fibre-based ingredients which make up their organic product. Their campaign needed to target multiple demographics, so casting, shooting and integrating a large selection of talented actors was also essential to the final deliverables.

So how do you model make, photograph and animate a beautiful vista entirely made out of fresh food?


Building an organic world from scratch is what we dream of, so we set off to pre-visualise and art direct what a countryside could look like out of food.

We initially mocked up a landscape using stock shots of various real locations. We then meticulously went through each component of our mockup and assigned the perfect produce needed.

We had to stick to a definitive produce list set out by the client, but we were lucky enough to have plenty of options. Everything apart from the polystyrene base is edible, organic and full of goodness.



Behind the Scenes