Biosense Webster

What we did

Direction / Shoot Production / Filming / Photography / CGI / Animation / Post Production


We get to work on many great healthcare projects, so when our friends approached us over at McCann Health, we were delighted to get involved. Both stills & film were required and would call for a streamlined approach containing CGI, photography and live-action filming in one place.


We love mixing mediums, and nothing says cutting edge technology like a 3D holographic beating heart. We scrubbed up and headed down to Holborn studios to film and photograph our doctor’s healing hands.

We set up a controlled and stylised lighting rig which worked for both photography and film and then remapped the lighting effects to our 3D beating heart. We were asked to create something beautiful and stylised whilst also needing to be anatomically correct.

Both agency & client went bold with this campaign; it’s rare to see such darkness contrasting with dynamic lighting setups within a healthcare campaign, and so we were excited to push the boundaries.



Behind the Scenes