E-Waste Zoetrope

Couldn’t be happier with how this one turned out…

We decided to step forward and offer to create a video for Waste aid.

We understand the significant damage e-waste can cause as one of the world’s least recycled waste streams ♻

So if recycling e-waste is an important step to delivering a low-carbon future, we wanted to get involved.

And if we’re able to use our skills to break down a serious issue, we feel accomplished. Although, that didn’t stop us from adding our usual lighthearted, playful touch.

Our original idea was created using a Zoetrope – one of the oldest forms of motion. Constructed through a real life model style, we took a hands-on approach.

To help stop e-waste from spinning out of control
find out more at: wasteaid.org/ewaste

Behind The Scenes

The Operators approached our small charity, WasteAid, offering to create a video for us to help raise awareness of e-waste recycling. When I saw the first mock-up I was amazed! It is such an original idea and executed beautifully. The Operators’ work adds charm and humour to what can otherwise be a serious subject. Their video makes the whole subject of e-waste personal and accessible, and they did it all for free, to support WasteAid. We feel very fortunate to have the involvement of The Operators on this campaign. The team are so kind and generous, and I really hope we get to work together again.

Zoë Lenkiewicz

Senior Technical Advisor & Head of Communications | WasteAid