What we did

Creative Development / Direction / CGI / Animation / Post Production


Boehringer Ingelheim’s Central Nervous System team developed a new platform to reach both their HCPs and patients. Each area in their scientific development has a theme and story which all needed visualising in a creative and digestible format for its launch.

The brief was to use contemporary art installations as the visual mechanism to explore, experiment and develop two-sided optical illusions driven by a story narrated by their leading medical experts.


Initially, we discussed designing and constructing a physical curated gallery space; however, the assets’ flexibility was vital moving forward, so we developed a more digital/virtual experience. Lot’s of R&D and meticulous details went into designing each art installation.

Using CGI to visualise the artwork allowed us complete control on how each component could be sculpted and manipulated into position. The result was an entirely CGI crafted, modern gallery space optimised to tell each essential installations story.