What we did

Direction / Shoot Production / Filming / Photography / Animation / Post Production


A health agency came to us with a great project – to create a campaign that would have a film noir style to demonstrate the stark contrast of having the Roche machinery on your side vs the old days of traditional testing.

The challenge was that we needed to balance the creation of a modern-day office and laboratory environment that still felt contemporary but with enough subtle props that always link the imagery to the original film noir theme.


Visually we were very excited about this project; it’s not often you get the chance to create a very stylised and moody lighting setup with a generous nod towards a classic cinematic style.

Shooting over three days, we directed a series of stills, cinemagraphs and films that compliment one another; we researched traditional film techniques and lighting setups, and as we all know, nothing screams film noir than contrast & shadows through Venetian blinds.

It was a delicate balancing act crafting the imagery, but the overall result was a great set of stylised deliverables that didn’t take themselves too seriously.




Behind the Scenes